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How Bylaws are Numbered
yy-mm-xxx ......year-month-numerical sequence

Therefore bylaw 14-01-760 would be translated as passed in 2014, January, and is the 760th bylaw passed


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number: Title: Concerning:
17-05-958 Confirmatory Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-05-957 Entertainment Contract for 2017 Whitewater Streetstrut Culture & Recreation
17-05-956 Road Rehabilitation - Cedar Haven, Westross, Hydro Bay (R.G.T. Clouthier) Roads
17-05-955 Road Rehabilitation - Snake River Line (B.R. Fulton Construction) Roads
17-05-954 Double Surface Treatment (Greenwood Paving) Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-05-953 Lottery Licensing Officers Finance
17-05-952 CEMC Appointment Miscellaneous
17-05-951 Deputy Treasurer Personnel
17-05-950 Water Sewer Rates 2017 Water & Sewer
17-05-949 User Pay Budget with Schedules Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-05-948 Confirmatory Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-05-947 Repeal Westmeath Lease Agreement Land & Building Usage
17-05-946 Civil Marriage Solemnization Services Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-05-945 Municipal Automotive Materials Service Miscellaneous
17-05-944 CCHL2 Hockey Agreement Culture & Recreation
17-04-943 Confirmatory Miscellaneous
17-04-942 2018 Election Council
17-04-941 Tax-Support Budget with Schedules Finance
17-04-939 Development Agreement McBride Land & Building Usage
17-04-938 Zoning 2262 Queensline Road Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-04-937 Zoning 1910 Grants Settlement Road Land & Building Usage
17-04-903 Confirmatory Miscellaneous
17-03-936 Confirmatory Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-03-935 Confirmatory Miscellaneous
17-03-934 Confirmatory Miscellaneous
17-03-933 Deputy Clerk Personnel
17-03-932 Confirmatory Miscellaneous
17-03-931 Amendment to Employment By-law Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-02-930 Confirmatory Administration
17-02-929 Confirmatory Miscellaneous
17-02-928 Being a by-law to provide for the remuneration of members of the Council of the Township of Whitewa Council
17-02-927 Private Road Agreement Select the Area Primarily Effected
17-02-926A Schedule A to 17-02-926 Land & Building Usage
17-02-926 Being a by-law to amend By-law 1989-14 of the former Village of Cobden to remove the holding symbol Land & Building Usage
17-02-925 Being a by-law to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meetings held February 1, 2017 Select the Area Primarily Effected
Records 1 to 35 of 287
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