New information for quiet hours contact is COMING VERY SOON


During a WEEKDAY, contact the office and we will take care of the situation.
Office phone: 613-646-2282 or 1-877-646-2282


Residents are reminded that all dogs residing in the Township must be licensed and registered with the Township. Licenses and tags may be obtained at our office in Cobden or by mail. If obtaining tag by mail, go to ‘LICENSES’ link for an application to fill out and return to our office in Cobden.

Landlords are requested to please notify any tenants to provide their dog tags.


Any person requesting a Kennel license will need to provide proof that they are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and that their properties are zoned to allow a kennel according to our Zoning By-law.


All pet owners in Renfrew County require to have their dogs and cats immunized against rabies.

Effective July 1st, 2000 (Ontario Regulation 567) all cats and dogs in Renfrew County must be immunized against rabies. Please do your part to help prevent the incedence of rabies in your community.


Contact your local veterinarian to ensure that your pet’s immunization is up to date.



For All Sterilized Dogs Before March 31st in any year $15.00
  After March 31st in any year $22.00
For All Unsterilized Dogs Before March 31st in any year $20.00
  After March 31st in any year $27.00
Any such license and registration shall expire on December 31st of each year.
REPLACEMENT TAGS (lost or stolen) $2.00
IMPOUNDMENT - FEES (a) First day of impoundment or part thereof $30.00
or all costs incurred whichever is greater
  (b) Each additional day of impoundment $8.00
or all costs incurred whichever is greater




1. Own/harbour a prohibited animal Section 3.1.1 $200.00
2. Own/harbour a viscious animal Section 3.1.2 $200.00
3. Own/harbour a nuisance animal Section 3.1.2 $60.00
4. Dog without a tag Section 4.1 (a) $60.00
5. Wrongful claiming of dog being sterilized Section 4.1 (c) $100.00
6. Tag not fixed to dog Section 4.1 (d) $60.00
7. Tagging dog other than said tag was issued Section 4.1 (e) $60.00
8. Own, operate or conduct a kennel without a license Section 5.1 (a) $100.00
9. Fail to immunize dog against rabies Section 6.1 $90.00
10. Fail to re-immunize dog against rabies Section 6.1 $90.00
11. Allow animal nuisance by barking, howling & whining Section 10 (b) $75.00
12. Allow animal nuisance by molesting or intimidating pedestrians Section 10 (b) $75.00
13. Allow animal nuisance by chasing motor vehicles Section 10 (b) $75.00
14. Allow animal nuisance by attacking other domestic animals Section 10 (b) $75.00
15. Allow animal nuisance by being offensive or dangerous to the public health, safety or welfare Section 10 (b) $75.00
16. Dogs running at large Section 10 (g) $60.00
17. Not cleaning up after dog who defecates on public or private property Section 10 (f) $60.00