Asset Management Plan


The Province in its publication “Building Together: Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans” defines asset management planning as “the process of making the best possible decisions regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing and disposing of infrastructure asset. The objective is to maximize benefits, manage risk, and provide satisfactory levels of service to the public in a sustainable manner.”

An asset management plan will:

  • describe the characteristics and condition of infrastructure assets;
  • describe the levels of service expected from these assets;
  • outline actions to ensure these assets are providing the expected level of service;
  • outline financing strategies to implement any actions.

The plan will consist of an:

  • executive summary
  • introduction
  • state of local infrastructure
  • expected levels of service
  • assest management strategy
  • financing strategy

As part of the Province’s Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII), the Township of Whitewater Region received funding in the amount of $22,969.27 for the creation of an Asset Management Plan. As part of the process, a Roads Needs Study was completed which examined the condition of the Township’s current road assets, prioritized road re-construction and outlined projected costs based on scenarios. A Level of Service questionnaire was also recently sent out to all property owners which will be used to determine if existing assets are performing up to expectation and identify where improvements may be required.

As new information becomes available and conditions change, the Township’s Asset Management Plan will be updated to reflect priorities, expectations, new technology and changing regulatory requirements.