Bylaw Enforcement

Doug Schultz
Chief Building Official / By-Law Enforcement Officer

Phone: 613-646-2282
Toll Free: 1-877-646-2282
Fax: (613) 646-2283

By-Law Enforcement

Our By-Law Enforcement Department has a variety of responsibilities including the enforcement of the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law, the Animal Control By-Law, the Property Standards By-Law, the Watering By-Law, the Swimming Pool By-Law, and other By-Laws.

For specific information on any of the above matters, or any other regulatory By-Law, our By-Law Enforcement Officer would be pleased to assist you.

Municipal Law Enforcement Services to Provide By-law Enforcement Services and Sale of Dog Tags

At the Council Meeting held on February 1st, 2012, Council for the Township of Whitewater Region accepted the proposal submitted by Municipal Law Enforcement Services for by-law enforcement services and the sale of dog tags. 

James McBain is the President of Municipal Law Enforcement Services which was established in May 2004 and provides full by-law services and animal control services to various local municipalities.  Mr. McBain has over 35 years of law enforcement experience and over 30 years of by-law enforcement experience.

The Township of Whitewater Region looks forward to working with Mr. McBain and Municipal Law Enforcement Services as part of the services provided to the residents of Whitewater Region.

Residents will continue to contact Mr. Schultz directly concerning By-Law Enforcement issues.  Municipal Law Enforcement Services will then receive direction from Mr. Schultz concerning any required issues.