ByLaw Enforcement - Property Standards



Property Standards By-Law

The Property Standards By-Law 12-11-572 to prescribe standards for the maintenance and occupancy of all property within the Municipality and prohibiting the use of such property that does not conform to the standard; and for requiring any property to be repaired and maintained so as to comply with the standards as described in the By-Law or to be cleared of all buildings and structures, rubbish, debris and the lands left in a graded and level condition.

  • No person shall occupy, use, permit the use of, rent, or offer to rent any property that does not conform to the standards.
  • The owner of any property shall either repair and maintain the property in accordance with the standards or remove or demolish the whole or the offending part of any property that is not in accordance with the standards.
  • All repairs and maintenance of property shall be carried out with suitable and sufficient materials and in a manner accepted as good workmanship within the trades concerned. All new construction or repairs shall conform to the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code and Fire Prevention and Protection Act, where applicable.
  • After all efforts have failed to bring a property up to reasonable standards where the officer has placed or caused the placing of a placard containing the terms of an Order upon any premises under the authority of the Ontario Building code Act, S.O. 1992, C.23., as amended, no person shall remove such placard except with the consent of the Officer.



On November 21, 2012, Council passed By-Law No. 12-11-572 which appoints the following members to the Township of Whitewater Region Property Standards Committee:

Donna Burns
Art Cobb
John Cull

Recording Secretary: Erica Rice

The members are appointed for a 3 year term beginning December 1st, 2012.