Public Works Department - Policies and Procedures



The Township of Whitewater Region has adopted written policies that establish certain operating procedures and guidelines for the Public Works Department. Below is a listing of approved policies that address employee safety, road maintenance and municipal water. Click on the Policy Name to download a copy of the policy in PDF format.

Hard Hats   Outlines circumstances when a hard hat must be worn
Centre Line Painting   Criteria to be met for painting a centre line on municipal roads
Removing Water from Municipal Fire Hydrants   Procedures to be followed when taking water for sale from a fire hydrant
Maintenance Flushing of Municipal Water Lines   Procedures to be followed when flushing municipal water lines
Taking of Water for Compaction or Dust Control on Municipal Roads   Guidelines when taking raw or treated water for road purposes
Prevention of Cross Connections
(Commercial, Industrial, etc.)
  Back flow prevention on municipal water lines
Prevention of Residential Cross Connections   Back flow prevention on municipal water lines
Road Traffic Signs   Guidelines for signs and their installation
Road Maintenance   Includes policies on winter maintenance operations, new entrances, standards for adopting new roads, dust control, road flooding, emergency callouts, etc.
Maintenance Disinfection Procedures   Standards for the performance of repairs and maintenance to the water distribution systems
De-chlorination Action Plan   Discharge and de-chlorination of chlorinated water
Protective Clothing   Protective clothing features and requirements
Personal Safety and Traffic Clothing   Care and replacement of personal protection and traffic clothing
Naming / Re-Naming Existing Roads   Procedure and processes for assigning and changing road names