About the Public Works Department

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613-646-2282 ext 137
Fax: (613) 646-2283
Cell: (613) 635-2358

Public Works Manager: Bill Misener
Cell: (613) 635-2358

Public Works Assistant: Sandra Moss

email: smoss@whitewaterregion.ca

With an annual transportation budget of over $3.0 million, the Public Works Department is responsible for approximately 712.4 lane km of roadways consisting of 398.4 lane km of hardtop roads and 314 lane km of loose top roads.


Hours of Work: 7:00a.m. - 3:30p.m. Mon to Fri
Garage locations:
Public Works Garage Office
1798 Westmeath Road
Public Works Garage
2271 Mineview Road
Public Works Garage
40 Gould Street



Responsibilities include:

  • winter control including snow plowing, sanding & salting and snow removal
  • hard surface maintenance including patching and sweeping
  • loose surface maintenance including grading and dust control
  • culvert maintenance
  • corridor maintenance including roadside grass mowing, litter collection, ditch maintenance, brushing and shouldering
  • safety devices including line painting and road & street signage
  • vehicle operation and maintenance
  • road upgrades and construction

The Public Works Department also maintains approximately 6 km of wastewater mains and 23 km of water distribution pipe.

Responsibilities associated with the distribution system include:

  • maintenance and repair of water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer mains
  • maintenance of fire hydrants and valves
  • maintenance of manholes and catch basin
  • maintenance of service lines from main to property water line

The Works Department also maintains the wharves/docks and park areas located within the Township.


Gas Tax Fund Improves Local Roads  

Project Location: Whitewater Region

The Township of Whitewater Region is located along the Ottawa River with close proximity to the communities of Renfrew, Pembroke, Petawawa and a short drive along Highway 17 to the national capital region.  The area provides small community lifestyle with numerous tourist attractions including rafting and a theme park.


Over the last several years, the Township has been utilizing its federal Gas Tax Fund allocation to reconstruct and surface-treat various municipal roads. 

Projects to date have included:


During 2008, a portion of the Snake River Line received double surface treatment and a portion of Sutherland Road received drainage improvements and single surface treatment. 


During 2009, the Hila Road received double surface treatment.  Prior to this project, this road was requiring annual hard top patching with costs escalating each year.


During 2010, Mineview Road was resurfaced along with drainage improvements. 

Mineview Road is a high traffic roadway used as a through fare within the municipality and the road was at the point where resurfacing extended its useful life thereby avoiding complete reconstruction.


As a means of reducing waste and the amount of granular “A” required during the above projects, recycled pavement material was used in the road base.


For the 2013 year, federal Gas Tax Funds will be used to double surface treat a portion of Pleasant Valley Road as well as rehabilitating and resurfacing Cornerview Road.  Funds will also be used to double surface treat Rapid Road from the Bromley Line to the end of the road.


The federal Gas Tax Funds to date has significantly assisted the Township manage its local roads infrastructure ensuring residents have safe roads to travel.

paved road