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Swimming Pools


The Swimming Pool By-Law 02-06-72 was passed on the 19th of June 2002 regulating owners of privately owned swimming pools new and existing.

  • a swimming pool consists of an outdoor body of water contained by artificial means which holds water in excess of eighteen (18) inches in depth either for temporary or permanent use.
  • in general, fencing around the swimming pool shall extend from the ground to a height of not less the five (5) feet with no horizontal members or openings more than two (2) inches that would facilitate climbing and a minimum of four (4) feet from the pool edge.
  • the material of the fence may vary from chain link to vertical boards and may be incorporated with a new or existing patio deck surrounding the pool. If Chain link is used, make sure the horizontal distance from corner to corner is two (2) inches or less.

A swimming pool permit application may be obtained at our office or from our website. You may contact the Chief Building Official to ensure your proposed or existing pool complies with this By-Law. A permit is required for a new or modification to an existing fence surrounding a pool.



Pool Permit Fees: - $30.00

Refer to “Building Permit Fees” for the cost of the Pool Permits
(Schedule “A” to By-Law 03-03-109)


Short Form Wording Provisions Creating Or Defining Offence Set Fine
(Includes Costs)
Construct outdoor swimming pool -no permit section 3.1(a) 160.00
Own an outdoor swimming pool without fencing section 3.1.(b) 320.00
Own an outdoor swimming pool without fencing in compliance with By-law requirements section 3.1(b) 160.00
Own an outdoor swimming pool
without gate of the same construction
as the fence
section 4.1(a) 80.00
Swimming pool area not secured when not in use by owner or person authorized by owner section 4.1(d) 80.00
Swimming pool gate not locked when responsible person not present and supervising the pool section 4.1(h) 80.00

NOTE: The penalty provisions for the offences indicated above is section 7.1(a) of
By-Law # 02-06-72. A certified copy of which has been filed.