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Township of Whitewater Region Begins Development of a Recreation Master Plan

The Plan is a comprehensive framework to guide municipal investment in recreation and culture facilities, programs and services over the course of the next 20 years. The Master Plan will tackle issues such as: aging infrastructure, evolving demographics and coordinating the various programs and services within the Township.

Township of Whitewater Region rate payers are invited to participate in the household survey found at the link below:

and must be completed by October 6, 2017. 

For those who do not have access to the internet, hard copies can be found at all Public Library’s throughout the Township including Beachburg, Cobden and Foresters Falls. Hard copies of the survey are also located at the Municipal Office in Cobden and at Kenny’s Store in Westmeath.
The scope of the plan will include:

  • indoor and outdoor facilities including: arenas, athletic fields, ball diamonds, arts and culture, fitness, gymnasiums and multipurpose spaces, parks, trails, beaches and boat launches,
  • recreation, sport, culture and heritage programs and services
  • determine the appropriate roles for the Township of Whitewater Region and our community partners to deliver facilities, programs and services.

Survey deadline is Friday, October 6, 2017. 
Contact information: community@whitewaterregion.ca

Download Frequently Requested Information... (in PDF) 

Economic Development in the Whitewater Region

Whitewater Region is located in the scenic Ottawa Valley, just an hour’s drive west of Ottawa. It is comprised of four prior
municipalities: Beachburg, Westmeath, Ross and Cobden. Beachburg’s early industry included a flax mill, a cheese and butter
factory and flour mills. At one time Beachburg was a stopping place along the railway line with a station and grain elevators
As Pembroke and Ottawa flourished, the need to travel between the two communities increased. Due to the rapids on the Ottawa River, the steamer from Ottawa could not travel the whole distance by river and a land route was required. In 1849 a winter road was established, and the village of Cobden was born.

In early days, Westmeath was situated on the busy portage route to the lumber camps and the hamlet grew as settlers moved into the surrounding area. Historical fires occurred in each of the hamlets and villages in Whitewater Region.

Whitewater Region is a very cultural place. With a strong focus on history and geneology, the Region is frequented by enthusiasts exploring the past and finding a future. As the home of Champlain’s astrolabe, Whitewater Region has carved out it’s own niche of national history.

Community groups and organizations hold this Region together. All clubs are very active in raising funds to further local initiatives, and to encourage youth to succeed. Seniors are well cared for as well with a range of activities and community spirit to keep the community young at heart.

Religion has played a prominent role in establishing the communities of Whitewater Region, as places of worship were
among the first buildings constructed by early settlers. Today, the tradition of gathering continues with bazaars, church
suppers, summer camps and vacation bible schools. Whether you’re looking for something new or something old, you’ll find
it here in Whitewater Region.

More than a million visitors visit Renfrew County each summer, and with the majority coming from Ottawa and Eastern Ontario, they’re definitely making a stop in Whitewater Region. But not only is the Region home to the only tourist booth on the Trans Canada Highway, they offer plenty of tourism activities for single people, families, and young and old alike.

The Region is aptly named for their world-class whitewater facilities. Many tourism operators also offer a variety of paddle sports and fishing, as well as land activities including hiking, cycling and wildlife trails. For cultural enthusiasts, the community hosts a museum, war memorials and traditional fairs and carnivals. Self-guided tours feature the beautiful fall foliage, which leads into an array of winter activities that includes ice fishing, derbies, snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing.

With motels, bed and breakfast accommodations and camping, you have everything you need to explore Whitewater Region!

The McDonald Burial Grounds

The McDonald Burial Grounds is a cemetery located at 1437 Sutherland Road, approximately one kilometer southwest of Highway 17 in the historical former Township of Westmeath, which is now part of the Township of Whitewater Region.

The McDonald Burial Grounds is of cultural heritage value or interest as a representative example of a rural small family cemetery of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

It is also of cultural heritage value or interest for its association with members of the McDonald family, veterans of the War of 1812 who were among the earliest settlers in the Westmeath area, west of Muskrat Lake, now known as the Whitewater Region.

The cemetery was first used sometime after Walter McDonald petitioned the Crown to acquire the property in 1835.  It is the resting place of Walter McDonald and his brothers William and John, all of whom served in the War of 1812:  Walter in his Majesty’s Fencibles Regiment, John in the Glengarry Militia and William by hauling a sleigh of ammunition between Kingston and Montreal.  Following their service, it took an estimated thirty (30) years for the veterans of the War of 1812 to finalize and transfer land deeds from the government they served and protected.

The cemetery also holds the remains of members of several other families who settled in the area in the nineteenth century, including the Livingston, McLeod, Pappin and Bradly families.  The last known burial in the cemetery took place in 1924.


Whitewater Region is the agricultural leader of Renfrew County, and is quickly becoming known provincially and nationally for award- winning innovation and efficiency in agri-business. The Region represents one-third of all livestock farms and land in crops in Renfrew County, despite occupying only 7% of the land.
Agricultural producers also record 33% of total gross farm receipts for Renfrew County.

Building on the Region’s historical agricultural success are new ideas in agri-business that includes: an on-farm anaerobic biodigester that is succeeding in methane production from manure, a solar-powered pumping system, biodiesel production and a gravity-fed system for watering cattle. This area is also home to the only fertilizer blending plant in Renfrew County.

Farm operators pursue land management practices that result in improved pasture management and reduced soil erosion, and are proud to be building on the history of agriculture in Whitewater Region.

1) The Region is located along the Trans Canada Highway, just one hour from Ottawa and four hours from Toronto.
2) Low taxes and cost of living with urban services.
3) Agricultural innovation at its very best.
4) Rural living with high speed internet access.
5) Full range of medical and professional services.
6) Potential for various types of development.
7) Good mix of business, including national brands.
8) Whitewater Industrial Park is strategically located 10 minutes from the City of Pembroke.
9) Solid waste and recycling curb-side pick up that operates on a user pay system.
10) A municipality that is eager to work with development.
11) 160 kilometres of waterfront.
12) Mussie lives here!

Whitewater Region is home to more than 150 businesses ranging from main street shops to world-renowned whitewater outfitters. Despite hosting a high number of tourists each summer, we have a business complement that suits our year-round residents as well. Businesses in Whitewater Region enjoy the benefit of a low tax system, a full complement of professional services and the opportunity to serve customers within a 100km radius. Most businesses have a regular clientele that stretches from Deep River to Arnprior, and when you add in the tourist element for our consumer businesses, you have an active and prosperous community.

Of course, agriculture is big business for Whitewater Region as we represent one-third of Renfrew County’s farm business. Our farmers not only sell provincially and nationally, but our Farmer’s Market is very active and the focus of locally-grown food enjoys significant momentum throughout the County.

We’re open for business here in Whitewater Region!


In addition to being the Whitewater Capital of Canada, this Region is full of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. For both residents and tourists, Whitewater Region offers a four-season venue of activity that draws from throughout the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

Whether you enjoy the speed and excitement of boating and watersports, or the quiet and calm of a canoe ride, this Region has it all. With more than 160-kilometres of waterfront, the famous Ottawa River runs through this community’s backyard. Enjoy the public beaches and municipal parks, or visit one of the many tourist attractions along this landmark Canadian waterway.

Fishing is a huge past-time here, not only because of the Ottawa River, but also because of the regionally famous Muskrat Lake. Pickerel, herring, trout, bass and pike are what you’re most likely to catch in this Region...that is, unless you happen to latch onto Mussie... In winter months, the waterways are equally as busy with ice fishing, snowmobiling, skating and sliding.

Land-based recreational activities are plentiful in Whitewater Region. Thanks to a solid relationship with private landowners, the Region is able to offer hundreds of miles of snowmobile and ATV trails. Located on the Tops A snowmobile trail, this is a snowmobile-friendly municipality with safe access to amenities for travellers.

The geography has also blessed this area with a wonderful collection of naturalist and holistic opportunities. Throughout the Region you find wetlands, areas of natural and scientific interest (ANSI) and general wildlife areas. It is a much-loved component of the municipality, according to the millions of visitors who have passed through the
Region over the years.

Organized sport teams are active in Whitewater Region, including a variety of league hockey, figure- skating and ball clubs. The summer months welcome public and member play at the 18-hole championship golf course. There is nothing you can’t do in Whitewater Region!