Invest Here

Strategic Location

The Township of Whitewater Region provides for an ideal location for new businesses and family to reside.  Being centrally located within Renfrew County, the communities is home to local education and health service options as well as many employment opportunities within primary commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.  Make Whitewater Region your home or place of business.


Quality of Life

Whitewater Region provides an unparalleled quality of life through its sense of community, recreation and tourism facilities as well as health, social and community services.  From the local winter Christmas parades and carnivals to the summer fairs and food markets, the community is home to many opportunities to meet new people, raise a family and have a good time.    



The Township is great place to develop or expand your commercial, industrial or institutional establishments.  Whitewater Region supports its business community through the implementation of grants through the Community Improvement Plan (CIP), its investment in the expansion of local services and infrastructure, as well as its competitive servicing rates and developmental approval process.


We encourage you to contact the Townships Planner/Economic Development Officer Ivan Burton by telephone at 613-646-2282 (ext. 124), email at or in person at 44 Main Street, Cobden ON K0J 1K0.