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Whitewater SeniorsThe Seniors & Older Adults Task Force will serve in an information gathering and advocacy role to provide recommendations and advice to Council regarding the development and provision of services by the Township or partner organizations to those over the age of fifty-five.

The Task Force serves as Whitewater Region's liaison for residents, local community groups as well as government and non-governmental organizations on subjects relating to adults over fifty-five years of age within Whitewater Region.

The Task Force will collaborate with other internal/external agencies, businesses and groups as deemed appropriate to aid in developing recommendations and advice to be presented to Council.  The Seniors & Older Adult Task Force will assist in moving forward various Council-approved initiatives involving seniors and older adults.


Whitewater Region

The Whitewater Region Public Library offers patrons lending material (books, DVDs, magazines, museum passes), inter-library loans, printing, scanning, photocopying and many more services at each of its three Branches - Beachburg, Cobden and Foresters Falls.

Whitewater Historical Society

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The Whitewater Historical Society is committed to the collection and preservation of local history within the Whitewater Region.

Ross Museum

The Ross Museum now has five buildings which includes the Ross House (a replica of an 1800’s home), the Exhibit Hall (the former Ross Township Fire Hall), the Drive Shed, the Resource Centre and the recently acquired St. Aidan’s Church.

Historical Sites

Within the Whitewater Region there are several historical sites to visit and admire.

Faith and Family

Religion has played an important and prominent role in the establishment of communities within the Township. As settlers arrived in the area, places of worship were among the first buildings to be constructed. Today, local churches continue to play a major role in each community with activities such as church suppers, bazaars, summer camps and vacation bible school.

Health Care

Find out how to stay healthy, where to get help and how to make informed decisions about your health.


The Township of Whitewater Region is committed to the education of its future generations There are elementary schools located within the villages of Cobden, Westmeath and Beachburg.