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Backyard Chickens

The Township of Whitewater Region regulates the keeping and control of animals through By-law 20-06-1308.

Burn Permit

All owners who wish to set or maintain a fire in the Township of Whitewater Region must first obtrain a permit. Permits are valid for the calendar year in which they are taken out and expire December 31st of that year. Permits can be issued online or by contacting the Municiapl Office at 613-646-2282.

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pdf fileOpen Air & Permitting System
by-law 20-06-1292 A By-law to establish an Open Air & Permitting System

Recreational Trailer

Recreational Vehicles are structures or vehicle designed, intended and used as living, sleeping or eating accommodation of persons on a temporary, transient or short term basis exclusively for travel, recreation and vacation and which is either capable of being drawn by a passenger vehicle or is self-propelled and which has running gear and towing equipment that is permanently attached and which is not permanently affixed to the ground. A travel trailer, tent trailer, motorhome, and similar transportable accommodation, excepting a mobile home, shall have a corresponding meaning.