Burn Permit

pdf fileOpen Air & Permitting System
by-law 20-06-1292 A By-law to establish an Open Air & Permitting System

All owners who wish to set or maintain a fire in the Township of Whitewater Region must first obtain a permit. Permits are valid for the calendar year in which they are taken out and expire on December 31st of that year. Permits can be issued online or by contacting the Municipal Office at 613-646-2282.

How to get your permit online:

  1. Go to http://wwr.burnpermits.com
  2. Enter your email and password - be sure to save your account information if creating a new account.
  3. Select the type of permit that you would like to apply for
  4. Enter your personal information
  5. Confirm your location
  6. Read the terms and conditions
  7. If you wish, you can enter photos of your burn site, this step is optional
  8. Once again select the type of permit you are applying for.
  9. Sign your name
  10. Fill out the notification methods
  11. Download/view your permit
  12. Please call 1-855-922-2652 or go online to report every time you burn.

No burning is permitted if there is a fire ban in effect.

All fires shall be attended, controlled, and supervised at all times by a person who is of 18 years of age or older.

Types of permits:

Recreational Burn Permit: (No Charge)

  • Recreational fires must be contained within a commercial, non-combustible, or fabricated appliance or a fire pit that is no larger than 60cm by 60cm with a flame no higher than 1 meter.
  • Recreational fires shall be confined to an area which is at a minimum of five (5) meters from adjacent property(s) and at a minimum of five (5) meters from combustible structures or objects in all directions, including overhead. 
  • Only commercially produced charcoal briquettes or clean, dry, seasoned wood may be burned.

Open Air Burn Permit: $10.00 per year

  • Fires must be no greater than two (2) meters in diameter and two (2) meters in height.
  • All open-air burns must be a minimum of 40 meters away from any structure.
  • Those persons living in areas designated as part of settlement areas in the Offical Plan of the County of Renfrew, as amended shall not conduct an open-air burning at any time unless:
    • The lot is larger than 0.40 hectares (1 acre), or
    • A special permit is issued by the CFO
  • Open aired burns are not permitted between the hours of sunrise to sunset.
  • Only grass, weeds, wood, or material that is composed of wood or any other approved material can be burned.

Agriculture Burning: $100.00 per event (inspection required)

  • All agriculture burning requires a special permit.
  • Any fires intended for the disposal of vegetable matter or vegetation on lands that are normal and incidental for farming purposes, are required to notify the fire department for each day of the proposed fire and a special permit will be issued. 
  • A site inspection of the proposed site of the agricultural burning may be required by the Fire Chief prior to issuing a permit.

Designated Campgrounds

  • A commercial campground may obtain a designation and exemption from a Municipal Fire Ban by obtaining a designated campground permit and by meeting and maintaining the criteria outlined in the designated Campground Exemption criteria
  • Please contact the Fire Chief for more information at 613-646-2282 Ext. 139

Before a burn call 1-855-922-2652 or go online to wwrburnpermits.com to notify the fire department of your burn.  

The permittee shall keep the permit at the site of the burning operation conducted under the permit. The person in charge of the burning operation conducted under this permit shall produce and show the permit to any officer whenever requested by the officer. This permit may be canceled or suspended by an officer at any time. Every person who starts a fire shall ensure that he/she has adequate tools, equipment, and water to contain the fire.

By-law 20-06-1292 regulates open air burning and permitting system.