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Whitewater Seniors Home Support & Active Living

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The word is getting out there and our Whitewater Seniors Program is growing.  While this is very exciting, we are ramping up our efforts to build on our pool of volunteers.  

Check out this little video to see where we need some help.

If this is of interest and you would like to be added to our list of volunteers, reach out to the Seniors Liaison Coordinator.

Email:  seniors@whitewaterregion.ca or Call: 833-582-7004

Seniors Safety Line

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Let's learn a little bit more about what the Seniors Safety Line.
"The Seniors Safety Line (SSL) is a "senior friendly" service with a live counsellor available to help navigate often difficult systems, 7 days a week, 365 days a year."
The safety of our more life experienced community members is a very important aspect to consider. This website is an excellent resource for everyone to become aware of.

Physical Activity & Fitness

Adult Group Fitness

We are so pleased to be connected with ConnectWell Community Health for access to Physical Activity and Fitness programming.  All of their classes are FREE.  You can find out more information on their website.

Seniors' Centre Without Walls

Seniors' Centre without Walls

This is a fantastic program that is truly got something for everyone and the best part is you only need to have a telephone to access. 

We would invite you to take a look at what else they are doing just down the road in Renfrew.  If you travel there or know someone else you does and would benefit from the programs and services they offer, make sure you share this info.  Friends help friends stay connected.

The Frozen Meal Program

THE Frozen Meal Program

One of the challenges with daily living as an older adult is FOOD.

FOOD Buying         ~                 FOOD Preparing           ~          FOOD Cooking

Who may benefit from this service

  • It can be challenging to make nutritious meals for 1 (One) or 2 (Two) people.  
  • Those who may require help with meals as they recover from illness or injury
  • Those who may not be able to prepare their own meals.
  • Those with specific dietary needs - diabetic, low sodium 

We would invite you to check out the The Frozen Meal Program.  It is nutritious and economical.  It is easy to order to try a few. 

Meals $7.50  /  Soups $7.00  /  Desserts $4.75

Questions??? Reach out by phone @ 833-582-7004 or by email: seniors@whitewaterregion.ca

There are 2 Menu's to choose from.  Griffith Farms  & Apetito

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pdf fileApetito Menu
Apetito has been working with Carefor & Renfrew & Area Home Supports for some time. These frozen meals have been enjoyed by many older adults.
pdf fileGriffith Farms
Local family farm located in Renfrew County does the buying, prepping and putting together delicious meals. With 24 options that are low sodium, low fat and no sugar added!

Building Our Age Friendly Community

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Our top priority for our Seniors in Whitewater Region is to build an Age Friendly Community that encompasses as many programs and services that we can.  It is important to make mention that building and creating this community can not be fully accomplished without truly hearing what your needs are.  The slogan "Nothing About Us without Us" rings true, we need you to let us know what matters to you.  

We would love to receive your insights, comments and suggestion to what would make Whitewater Region the very best Age Friendly Community that it can be. 



Our non urgent transportation program offers flexible and affordable transportation to help individuals unable to access other means of transportation to local and out of town medical appointments. There is a fee for this service.

Please allow at least 2 business days to process your request.


Updates and News

Site is OPEN

We are OPEN!  The Whitewater Seniors Home Support and Active Living operates out of the Township Municipal Office located at 44 Main Street, Cobden.  

Drop In OR call 833-582-7004 OR email seniors@whitewaterregion.ca

**Leave a message anytimelaugh, and we will return your call promptly** 

We are creating stronger partnerships with Carefor and Renfrew & Area Home Supports to increase access to transportation, frozen meal programs, friendly calling (until visits can be resumed). 

This is just the beginning of some of the programs we will offering to Seniors.  We will continue to link arms with many organizations throughout Whitewater Region and Renfrew County to continue to build on our Age Friendly Community. 

Pathway of Whitewater Seniors Development

The Seniors & Older Adults Task Force will serve in an information gathering and advocacy role to provide recommendations and advice to Council regarding the development and provision of services by the Township or partner organizations to those...
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pdf fileSeniors Community Needs Assessment and Age Friendly Plan
This document provides details on the work that has been done, needs assessment report and next steps to implement the Age Friendly Community Plan.
pdf fileAdditional Resources for creating Age Friendly Communities
A planning guide for municipalities and communities.