Backyard Chickens

A person may keep up to four (4) Backyard Chickens at a property which does not specifically permit a farm use pursuant to the Zoning By-law provided the conditions and requirements contained in this by-law are met.

Payment must be received with application to be deemed complete.

Please see By-Law 20-06-1308 for backyard chickens regulations.


* I am the registered owner of the property

If "NO" name of registered property owner

* I am the registered owner of the property where the chickens are to be kept and give my permission to the occupier of the property to keep chickens on my property. I further understand that I am responsible for any clean-up or disposal of any chicken coops, runs or other materials associated with the keeping of chickens on my property.

I understand that:

* A $150.00 application fee is required with submission.

* I am aware of the property setbacks I must follow before building a coop or run
* I am aware that my lot, coop, enclosure and run plan must be approved before I begin construction.
* I must be in possession of a valid Backyard Chicken Licence obtained from the Township
* I am allowed to keep a maximum of 4 chickens on my property
* The keeping of roosters or any other bird of the family Galliformes is prohibited
* Chickens must be secured in their coop or shelter from 9:00 PM until 06:00 AM
* Chickens must be secured in an approved run when not confined to their coop or shelter
* I understand that I cannot sell eggs, meat, manure or other products associated with the keeping of hens
* The coop, shelter and run shall be maintained in a clean condition
* That manure and other waste from the coop, shelter or run must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations
* That home slaughter of chickens is prohibited and dead stock shall be disposed of immediately to prevent the spread of disease or the attraction of vermin
* I understand that I am liable to all provisions of By-law 20-07-1304 section 13

Scaled Diagram

A Scaled Diagram must be attached to this application and must identify:

- Property / Lot Dimensions
- Proposed Location of any chicken coop, enclosure and run on the property
- Proposed Chicken coop / run distance from dwelling units and property boundaries;