Historical Sites

Westmeath Lookout

Established 1958, and donated to the Township of Westmeath by Hilda Wright and family in loving memory of husband and father John C Wright. The lookout lets people see the infinite glories of Whitewater Region and beyond.

The lookout is unique because unlike others, the viewer can turn their eyes in any direction; east, west, north or south and look at a magnificent panorama of the forest, fields and streams of Renfrew and Pontiac Counties.

The lookout was established when John C. Wright, who was the reeve of Westmeath Township invited Council members to visit the site in an attempt to interest them in establishing a lookout.

At the time, no action was taken. Following his death, his wife purchased the acre of land. John’s family then began the construction of the octagonal lookout building.

Today, people can stop by and enjoy the beautiful view.

Veterans Memorial Park

Located in Cobden within the Whitewater Region, Veterans Memorial is a sight to see.

Several years ago, the property was purchased on November 15th 1904 by the Village of Cobden from Thomas and Elizabeth Robinson for the sum of eight hundred dollars. The nine lots late became the Village of Cobden Municipal Park.

On June 3rd, 2000 the park was renamed to Veterans Memorial Park. As a beautiful tribute, a monument was donated in honour and memory of the brave men and women from Cobden and District who volunteered their services for Canada in its time of need.

427 Lion Squadron Cenotaph

The 427 Lion Squadron was formed on November 7th, 1942 as the eighth of fifteen Royal Canadian Air force Bomber Squadrons formed overseas. The lion squadron amassed an enormous amount of flying hours and won an impressive list of battle honours and individual distinctions.

The 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron celebrated its 75th anniversary in September 2017. The unveiling of the cenotaph was at Veterans Memorial Park here in Cobden within our Region. The squadron is exclusive to Whitewater Region as it is the only memorial in Canada honouring its fallen heroes.

Stop by the Veterans Memorial Park to view the squadron when you are passing through the Region.