Full-Time Staff Teams

Corporate Management & Legislative Services

Robert Tremblay, Chief Administrative Officer
rtremblay@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 126

Carmen Miller, Municipal Clerk
cmiller@whitewaterregion.ca    613-646-2282 ext 123

Marsha Hawthorne, Human Resources/Pay & Benefits Coordinator
mhawthorne@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 125

Amanda Labbe, Seniors Liaison Coordinator
alabbe@whitewaterregion.ca   1-833-582-7004

Finance & Administration

Sean Crozier, Treasurer/Deputy CAO
scrozier@whitewaterregion.ca  613-646-2282 ext 138

Kim Peterson, Deputy Treasurer
kpeterson@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 129

Sandra Moss, Finance Clerk (Purchasing/AP)
smoss@whitewaterregion.ca  613-646-2282 ext 137

Julie Parr, Finance Assistant
jparr@whitewaterregion.ca  613-646-2282 ext 142  

Community Development

Ivan Burton, Manager/Planner/EDO
iburton@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 124

Doug Schultz, Chief Building Official
dschultz@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 134

Samuel Buttle, Building Inspector/Plans Examiner
sbuttle@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 131

Debbie Ready, Community Development Coordinator/Facility Bookings
dready@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 121

Scott Hamilton, Business Outreach Officer
shamilton@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 

Parks & Recreation

Jordan Durocher, Manager
jdurocher@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 122

Arena/Park Operator III:

Jerry McIntyre, Al Griffiths, Kelly Davidson, Collin Lawson

Fire Department

Jonathan McLaren, Fire Chief

Stacey Levesque, Deputy Fire Chief

Corey MacKenzie, Deputy Fire Chief

Julie Butala, Fire Assistant

Public Works

Lane Cleroux, Manager/CEMC
lcleroux@whitewaterregion.ca    613-646-2282 ext 128

Environmental Services

Steve Hodson, Superintendent of Environmental Services
shodson@whitewaterregion.ca   613-646-2282 ext 127

Bill Tripp, Landfill/Facilities Operator

Courtney Loan, Landfill Attendant

Transportation Services

Kyle Eady, Roads Superintendent


Terry O'Malley, Dustin Denault


Randy Buckwalt, Derek Bennett, Roger Blaedow,  Roy Church, Lucas Hewitt, Andrew McLeese, Brett  McNamara, Nathan Tubby, Perry Yach, and Anthony Zadow.

Agricultural Burn Permit

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New Resident/Business

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Are you a new resident or business in Whitewater Region?  If you have moved to the Township of Whitewater Region within the last year, we would like to welcome you to our beautiful Region.  Please register below and we will send you our Welcome Package.