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Full-Time Staff Teams

General Government

Robert Tremblay, Chief Administrative Officer

Carmen Miller, Municipal Clerk

Janet Collins, Asset Management Coordinator

Sean Crozier, Treasurer/Deputy CAO

Kim Peterson, Deputy Treasurer

Marsha Hawthorne, Pay & Benefits Coordinator

Sandra Moss, Finance Clerk (Purchasing/AP)

Debbie Ready, Finance Clerk (Recreation/AR)

Development & Planning

Ivan Burton, Planner/EDO

Parks & Recreation

Jordan Durocher, Manager 

Arena/Park Operator III:

Al Griffiths

Jerry McIntyre

Kelly Davidson

Protective Services

Doug Schultz, Chief Building Official

Guy Longtin, Acting Fire Chief 

Jonathan McLaren, Deputy Chief

Public Works

Lane Cleroux, Manager/CEMC 

Steve Hodson, Superintendent of Environmental Services

Bill Tripp, Landfill/Facilities Operator 

Randy Buckwalt, Roads Superintendent

Terry O’Malley, Mechanic


Derek Bennett, Roger Blaedow, Dave Brenner, Lindsay Broadhurst, Roy Church, Lucas Hewitt, Andrew McLeese, Ward Somerville, Nathan Tubby, Perry Yach, and Anthony Zadow.