LED Street Light Conversion

The Township of Whitewater Region has approximately 400 streetlights located throughout the municipality in the following communities: 

  • Forester Falls
  • Haley Townsite
  • Haley Station
  • Westmeath
  • Springfield
  • Cobden
  • Industrial Park
  • Beachburg
  • LaPasse

Two LED conversion projects have been completed in Beachburg and LaPasse to date. The Beachburg LED project converted 128 light fixtures in 2018 and in April of 2021, 21 streetlights were converted in LaPasse.

In 2021, the Township obtained Envari Energy Solutions Inc. to complete an engeering design and procurement of LED Fixtures.  Envari's preliminary calculations resulted in a 72 watt LED streetlight fixture being selected to equivalent replace the existing 150 watt HPS streetlights. During the detail design and engineering phase, Envari has determined that the existing 150W HPS streetlights provides more lighting than is recommended on the local and collector roads based on guidelines of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA, per RP-8-14).  

Envari recommended that the Township align with RP-8-14 (where possible) and select the following luminaires.

  • Local and collector roads: Leotek 49W LED Type 2R luminaires
  • Local and collector intersections: Leotek 64W LED Type 3F luminaires
  • Highway 17 (Pembroke St in Cobden): Leotek 100W and 123W LED luminaires in order to achieve higher levels, as this is a 3-lane arterial road (currently equipped with a mix of 150W, 200W, and 250W HPS). 

The following elements and benefits are also notable to the project:

  • 3000K colour temperature (aligns with recent recommendations by the American Medical Association)
  • 10-year limited warranty on luminaires
  • Dark-sky friendly (0% uplight, full cutoff, as recommended by the International Dark Sky association)
  • New long-life twist-lock photocells to replace all existing photocells
  • In-field adjustability on luminaire output (from 49-64W)
  • Removal of existing relay system.