Drinking Water Systems

The Township of Whitewater Region, in partnership with the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), is committed to providing clean, safe drinking water to all residents, businesses and institutions of Beachburg, Cobden and Haley Town Site who are serviced by drinking water systems.

The Ontario Clean Water Agency operates the Townships drinking water systems in accordance with system classification and legislative requirements. Treatment plant and distribution network operation, monitoring, sampling and analytical testing is carried out by licensed operators as well as accredited laboratories.

Cobden, Beachburg and Haley Town Site systems operate under Drinking Water System Licenses, Permits to Take Water, Drinking Water Works Permits and the same standard of care under the Drinking Water Quality Management System.


Beachburg Drinking Water System

Located at 31 Robertson Drive, the Beachburg Drinking Water System utilizes conventional treatment to treat groundwater through coagulation using alum and the precipitation of iron through pre-chlorination, sedimentation and filtration. Pre-chlorination provides primary disinfection and distribution system chlorine residual.

A large dug well serves as the primary water source and a drilled well is utilized for a back-up water source. The Village of Beachburg is serviced by roughly 10 km of distribution line. Treated water is stored in an underground clear well.

The Beachburg Drinking Water System is permitted to treat 973 cubic metres per day and services a population of approximately 900 residents.

2019 Beachburg Water Treatment Annual Report



Cobden Drinking Water System

The Cobden Drinking Water System is located at 28 Bonnechere Street. The System treats surface water though conventional treatment consisting of coagulation, flocculation using alum as well as a polymer, sedimentation and filtration through a sand anthracite media. Disinfection is achieved by post and post trim chlorination using sodium hypochlorite.

The raw water intake is located in Muskrat Lake where potassium permanganate is used to control both Zebra Mussels as well as Manganese. The Village of Cobden is serviced by roughly 6 km of distribution line. Treated water is stored in an elevated tank located at 44 Gould Street.

The Cobden Drinking Water System is permitted to treat 1,364 cubic metres per day and services a population of approximately 965 residents.

2019 Cobden Water Treatment Annual Report


Haley Drinking Water System

Located at 565 Heather Place, the Haley Drinking Water System treats groundwater sourced from 2 drilled wells. The treatment process relies on chlorination utilizing sodium hypochlorite within an underground chlorine contact chamber.

Haley Town Site is serviced by roughly 2 km of water main.

The Haley Drinking Water System is permitted to treat 165 cubic metres per day and services a population of approximately 92 residents.

2019 Haley Water Treatment Annual Report


Water & Sewer Billing

Water & Sewer rates apply in accordance with By-Law 17-12-1021

Payment Options:

  • Payments can be made during normal office hours at the Municipal Office located at 44 Main Street, Cobden

  • Payments can be mailed to:

    • Township of Whitewater Region

      P.O. Box 40

      Cobden, Ontario

      K0J 1K0

      Please include the payment stub with your cheque made payable to “Township of Whitewater Region”. Post-dated cheques are accepted.

      Internet/telephone payments may be made. Please contact your Bank for details.

      Payments can be made at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Cobden, Beachburg and Pembroke.

      The Township offers pre-authorized payment plans.