Frequently Requested Bylaws

pdf fileAppoint an Acting Fire Chief
pdf fileAppoint Standing Committees
pdf fileAccessibility Standards 13-12-671
pdf fileCommunity Recreation Grant Policy
pdf fileAnimal Control By-law 01-09-45
pdf fileAppointment By-law & Property Standards Officers 16-02-846
pdf fileAppointment of CAO
pdf fileAppointment of Chief Building Official 11-10-509
pdf fileAppointment of Clerk
pdf fileAppointment of Treasurer
pdf fileAppointment of Lottery Licensing Officers 17-05-953
pdf fileAppointment of Viewers, Warden & Values 17-10-1003
pdf fileCivil Marriage Solemnization
pdf fileCobden & District Recreation Association Dissolution 17-06-967
pdf fileAgreement (CUPE 4353) 15-05-792
pdf fileCommemorative Naming Policy 18-02-1041
pdf fileCommittee of Adjustment
pdf fileCommunity Improvement Plan-Phase 1 17-11-1006
pdf fileCouncil Remuneration 18-02-1043
pdf fileFalse Alarms 11-01-466
pdf fileIndemnification of Council & Employees 14-01-678
pdf fileMcDonald Burial Ground 14-01-675
pdf fileOMERS Participation 01-07-35
pdf fileOntario Clean Water Agency Agreement 14-07-733
pdf fileOff-Road Vehicles 16-06-870
pdf fileOutstanding Youth Bursary Policy 17-06-966
pdf fileParking & Street Use 15-12-830
pdf fileRecords & Information Management Policy 18-02-1037
pdf fileRecords Retention Schedule 18-02-1038
pdf fileReduced Load Period 12-03-532
pdf fileSale and Disposition of Surplus Land Policy 17-12-1012
pdf fileTax Exemption – Legion 16-11-899
pdf fileWorkplace Sexual Violence & Harassment Policy 18-03-1049
pdf fileVoting Method & Counting 17-04-942
pdf fileWard (Dissolution) 13-05-613
pdf fileWaste 02-08-84
pdf fileYards (Cleaning Up of & Vacant Properties 16-02-847
pdf fileSnow Dump Policy
pdf fileEmployee Code of Conduct
pdf fileRecreational Vehicle Licensing By-law
pdf fileFences and enclosures around swimming pools
pdf fileTax Rate
Tax rate by-law
pdf fileRecreational Vehicle Licensing By-law
pdf fileBuilding By-law
pdf fileOpen Air Buring By-law
pdf filePool By-law 02-06-72
pdf fileProcedural Bylaw
pdf fileFire Master Plan
pdf fileRecreation Masterplan
pdf file20-12-1345 User Fees and Charges.pdf
pdf file20-12-1346 Tax and User Pay Budgets.pdf
pdf file20-10-1337 Roadside Brushing Policy.pdf