Sewage Treatment

The Cobden Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 1 Astrolabe Road, is owned by the Township of Whitewater Region and operated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). The Plant receives and treats raw sewage from the residents, businesses and institutions of the Village of Cobden.

Operating under Environmental Compliance Approval # 1-617-79-006 and providing secondary treatment through extended aeration, phosphorous removal and disinfection, the plant was constructed in 1978 to replace the older system of lower treatment capacity and capability.

In accordance with system classification and legislative requirements, all monitoring, sampling and analytical processes are carried out by licensed operators and accredited laboratories.

Currently, the Township of Whitewater Region is nearing the completion of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the Cobden Wastewater Treatment Plant intending to add redundancy, improve the effluent quality and increasing treatment capacity.

The Wastewater Collection System within the Village of Cobden is separated from the Storm Sewer System and includes a sewage lift station.