Plan of Subdivision/Condominium

The County of Renfrew processes and approves Plans of Subdivision and Plans of Condominium within the Township of Whitewater Region.  The Township, however, must approve each Plan of Subdivision to the County, pass any necessary Zoning By-law amendment, and enter into a subdivision agreement. A subdivision agreement is an agreement between a developer and the Township, concerning the subdivision in which your home may be located. The agreement is registered against the title of the lot and contains conditions of the approval.

A plan of Condominium is a method of dividing property so that an individual holds title to a portion of a building, or a "unit", as well as a share of the rest of the property that is common to all the individual unit owners. A Condominium can apply to residential, commercial or industrial properties.

The Applications for a Plans of Subdivision / Condominium are done through the County of Renfrew. If you wish to receive more information relating to these applications, you are encouraged to communicate with the Township’s Planner/Economic Development Officer or alternatively, contact the Department of Development and Property of the County of Renfrew.