Online Databases and Resources

New for 2024!!

Transparent Language Online
Language learners can build vocabulary, practice skills, and maintain what they have learned with Transparent Language Online, available anytime, anywhere in 110+ languages.  

World Book Student
World Book Student provides access to tens of thousands of encyclopedia articles, thousands of images, featured videos, a Biography Center, and a Behind the Headlines feature to help explain current events.

Kanopy PLUS
You can now access Kanopy, the best video streaming service for quality, thoughtful enterainment, through our Library.  To access their diverse collection of films, go to  All you need is your Whitewater Region Public Library card.

CBC Corner - Discover the best Canadian shows, stories & more
This one-of-a-kind digital portal allows you to access a wide variety of content including trusted news, local stories, entertaining TV and radio shows, award-winning podcasts, educational kids content, innovative podcasts, a free English and French language learning app, news in foreign languages and much more!Now you can access online research databases and articles in the Library, from home or anywhere you access the Internet. Databases are searchable websites which have access to a variety of information sources, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference manuals, etc.

Online Reference Sources

Browse and search the following websites to help you find the information you're looking for!

  • Virtual Reference Library:
    The Virtual Reference Library offers access to librarian-selected websites, self-guided research support and library information.
    The VRL is a subject-based, reliable, Internet information source
    with special focus on Canadian and Ontario information.

  • The Internet Public Library: