Accessible Customer Service Policy

2021 Complainace Report

Accessible Website - While we make every effort to keep all content on this website accessible to all visitors, please contact us for help if you find any information on this website that you cannot access.

Emergency plans for people with disabilities - For information on what to do during an emergency, visit the Emergency Management Ontario page emergency plans for people with disabilities.

Township suppliers and contractors - Contractors, vendors, and individuals the Township of Whitewater Regoin uses to provide goods or services must have their employees trained on how to provide accessible customer service. 

Feedback - We want your feedback so we can continue to improve the delivery of accessible goods and services. You can fill out a feedback form, and submit it via phone, email, mail, or in person.

Request for accessibility information or communication supports - For support, fill out the Request for Accessible Information or Communications Support Form (PDF) or contact the Accessibility Coordinator at 613-646-2282 ext. 123 or by email.

Resources - The following training resources are also available through the province at the links below:

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The Township’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (MYAP) is a requirement under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) (opens in new window). It is a five-year plan to identify, remove, and prevent accessibility barriers across the organization by committing to specific initiatives and outcomes aimed at making sure that people with disabilities can participate in the Township’s programs, services, facilities, public spaces, information and communication, and employment.

The 2024-2029 Mulit-Year Accessibility Plan is attached for review.  Please conact Carmen MIller Clerk by email or call 613-626-2282 ext 123 for accessible format of the Plan.

The 2024-2029 Multi Year Accessiblity Plan has been passed by council on September 5, 2023.

The mulit-year plan sets out stratigies to identify and remove barriers to accessability as required by the AODA. 

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pdf file2024-2029 Mulit-Year Accessibility Plan
Multi Year Accessibility Plan