Fire Department Exemplary Service Awards

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On May 26th, 2022, the Whitewater Region Fire Department hosted its first ever Fire Service Exemplary Service Medals for 20 years of service in a Fire Department, and 1st Bar for 30 years of fire service.

Fire Service Exemplary Service recipients:

Captain Rick Ruttan

Captain Reuban Snyder

Lieutenant Wade Lumax

Captain Lorin Martin

Lieutenant Tom Letang (Absent)

Captain Randy Smith (Absent)

Captain Lawrence Regier (Absent)

Fire Service Exemplary Service, and 1st Bar recipients

Captain Roy Church

Captain Terry Moore

Firefighter Barry Robertson

Captain Troy Waite (Absent)

Every one of these firefighters have dedicated more to the department than words or medals can describe, their commitment and the support of their families is truly worth celebrating.