2024 Budget Presentation

2024 Budget Public Meeting

- Tax Supported Operating and Capital Budgets
- Water and Wastewater Operating and Capital Budgets
- 2024 User Fees & Charges

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2024 Building Fee Public Meeting

The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Whitewater Region is proposing amending the costs of the building permit fees following a review of the current permit fees and the costs associated with providing the issuance of building permits through Section 7 of the Ontario Building Code Act and its enforcement.  According to the 2012 Building Code, Division C Part 1, Section, to change Building Permit fees, a public meeting must be held.  If anyone wants to review the changes of the fees and the rationale for the changes, additional information can be viewed at the Township Office located at 44 Main Street, Cobden, K0J 1K0.

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