Seniors Community Needs Assessment Survey

Whitewater Region Seniors Task Force (WWRSTF) invites you to take our fifteen-minute Seniors Community Needs Assessment survey.

What is a Seniors Community Needs Assessment?
This needs assessment is a process to examine the needs of seniors in our community by identifying the strengths in our community and to hear about concerns that we face.
Why is WWRSTF conducting a Seniors needs assessment?
The task force was formed in September 2019 to explore strategies to support seniors and older adults living in Whitewater. The task force identified the need to develop a rural age-friendly community plan in partnership with a broad range of community residents and service providers. The provincial Seniors Community Grants Program has provided funding to support the work on this plan and this needs assessment is the first step in the creation of this plan.
Who can Participate?
We need input from all members of the community who have an interest in improving the lives of seniors living in the Whitewater Region. As a community member, you have contact with members of the broader community (family and neighbours, local business, other services, etc.). This means that you have a strong understanding of the strengths of the Whitewater region community as well as the challenges faced by our seniors. By completing this survey, you will add to the information we are gathering. Information from the residents of Whitewater Region, such as yourself, will ensure that we create a plan to meet the needs of seniors in our community.
This survey is available in English only. However, please contact Robert Tremblay or Ivan Burton at 613-646-2282, Ext 126 or 124 if you wish to provide your comments in French and they will follow-up with you.
How can you help?
Please take 15 minutes to complete our survey before February 19, 2021.

You can complete the survey online – just click
Contact Debbie Ready, Community Development Coordinator at 613-646-2282, Ext. 121 or to receive a copy of the survey or to arrange to complete the survey by phone.

Thank-you for your help!